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What is a dedicated fleet service? – Our fleet becomes our clients fleet!

Sonic's out sourced dedicated fleet gives our clients all the advantages of having their own fleet of trucks without the headache. We work side by side with our clients becoming an integral partner in their logistical team and organization. We know that demands and requirements can change quickly. Having Sonic as a fleet source we offer the flexibility to meet short term or long term volume demands as soon as those needs are projected. Our fleet service is completely adjustable with no aditional costs incurred due to personal or equipment requirements. We also offer our clients the option to customize the branding on their dedicated fleet of trucks, giving their organization a unified look while enhancing their identity. Some of the biggest benefits of Sonic's dedicated fleets are:

• Drivers are fully trained in TDG and load securement.

• All drivers are hired, road evaluated and tested to meet our clients specific requirements.

• We hire and manage drivers and dispatchers so our clients don't have too.

• Technologically advanced and safe 2015/2016 trucks that meet today's and tomorrow's low carbon business environment.

• Risk reduction training, safety and compliance, claims and insurance.

• We manage and maintain all tractors and equipment so our customers don't have to!